MS-TUM (My process)

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Before Application

· Knowing your potential and capability and building a profile for your aspiration is much more important and should be termed as the first step towards MS.

· Earning a minimum of 2 years' experience in the Industry adds a lot of positive credit to your profile strength.

· If you have made your mind to choose Germany for Masters than search for an appropriate university. DAAD is the most relevant resource for this purpose.

Link to DAAD:

>> Information for Foreigners >> Study Programs >> International Programs

Universities I have selected to apply are listed in the link below for your reference. Here you can find the reason for rejection and acceptance to a particular University I applied.


Timeline: Joined Reknownedu abroad studies consultancy service on 19th July 2016.

Prepared selected universities to apply by 15th September 2016.

· Preparing for GRE and IELTS well before time.

Timeline: Registered for GRE and IELTS exam on 15th June 2016 and scheduled it for 10th August and 20th August 2016 respectively.

Got GRE score on 24th August 2016 and IELTS score on 2nd September 2016.

· Build your LinkedIn, Stackoverflow, and Github profile. These are not required but can add values to your profile.

· If possible, try to show any International journal publication by you, if any patent or any research work you are part of.

· This link is very much useful to figure out how you can improve your chances.

Before Selection — Application Process

1: GRE —

GRE Exam charges are somewhere around 14400/- INR by the time this has been documented.


IELTS Exam charges are somewhere around 11400/- INR by the time this has been documented.

From my experience, I believe IELTS is easier than TOEFL as TOEFL is fully computerized but IELTS is based on our day to day exam pattern using face-to-face interviews, pen and paper exams, etc.

IELTS exam generally completes in 2 phase, 1st is Speaking and 2nd is LRW (Listening, Reading, Writing). LRW used to happen on your booked date and speaking exam, 2 days before your exact booked date for IELTS.

Timeline: Speaking was on 18th August and LRW was on 20th August 2016.

To prepare for IELTS speaking, go through the book you get from the British council once you book the date for IELTS. LRW entirely depends on your skills.

I do not have much idea on TOEFL, as I did not give a TOEFL exam.

3: German Language Class

I would suggest trying the “DuoLingo” mobile application which is really awesome to learn German free. Otherwise, one can go to a nearby language institution to learn German. YouTube also a good option.

Try to have at least German A1 competency before coming to Germany.

In general, the Institute charge 10500/- for the German A1 Course.

Timeline: I joined the Indian Institute of Foreign Language (IIFL) for German A1 on 6th October 2016 and sent a bonafide certificate with my application form for a better chance.

4: Personal Projects — For Experienced (Project Synopsis) –

A well maintained GitHub ( and LinkedIn ( profile with the social contribution of your knowledge towards Software Society is a plus.

You can contribute to a platform like Stackoverflow ( or other public forums.

5: One Page well-formatted CV

I am attaching my resume link here for reference. You can download and edit the same as well.

Link: MS_Resume.pdf

6: Show Experience if any

You need to show relevant experience and any irrelevant experience is of no use.

7: Transcripts and Educational Documents

Apply transcripts early from your University because in any case, it takes more than a month to get it. You must apply for (n+2) number of transcripts from your university considering the “n” number of universities you are going to apply.

One you may need at the time of Visa Interview and it is always good to have one with you. Hence n+2 number of transcripts.

Each transcript cost me around 400/- INR. It may differ according to your university.

There are third party organizations, one you can google for. They charge somewhere around 5000–8000/- INR for a single transcript and an additional 1500/- for extra transcripts. Let’s say you want 11 transcripts than you need to spend (5000*1) + (1500*10) = 20000/- INR. Sometimes this is less because getting a transcript from the university needs lots of traveling. If you are staying far from your University then you can contact one of these organizations. You must have good bargaining skills though.

Otherwise, if you have someone who can help you get your transcript from University by taking a minimal amount. I did this.

Timeline: I applied for a transcript on September 1st week of 2016. I was late though. Anyway got it by October 1st week.

8: Publications or Patent if any — self-explanatory

9: LORs — Min 2, Max 3

You should have a minimum of 2 or a maximum of 3 LOR with you. It is better to have LORs from your Bachelor’s HOD or Professors and at least one from your immediate manager or lead from your workplace.

If you are more experienced and do not have the luxury of getting LOR from your college than you can have multiple LORs from your workplace.

Be sure to have LORs on office or college letterhead with proper format, sealed, signed by the respective person, and have a round stamp on it if available.

Here is a link to my LORs from my college and office.

Academic LOR: Educational_LOR.pdf

Official LOR: Official_LOR.pdf

Make sure you have proper content in LOR that is in sync with SOP. As many take LORs as proof to your points in the SOP.

10: SOP

Link to my SOP for TUM for your reference. Please do not copy this as it is. It is just for your reference.

Link: SOP_TUM.docx

11: Essay

When I was filling application I was given 4 topics to choose from.

The four topics are as below:

· The role of Artificial Intelligence in future technology.

· The influence of social networks on human society.

· The characteristics of Big Data platforms and their importance for data exploration.

· Can computers think?

I choose “The influence of social networks on human society” and the essay link is given below for reference.

Link: Essay_TUM.docx

12: Application

The application can be filled easily and any issue you can ask TUM for help. As you have to send all documents along with the application, if any error or wrong data in the application, the TUM administrator will find it out. Accordingly, you can rectify the errors later. But try to fill it before the deadline, so that you will have an ample amount of time to rectify such errors.

You may apply in multiple programs, but you need to courier the documents multiple times.

Documents must be notarized by a public lawyer else TUM will not accept.

Timeline: Started applying from October 1st week, 2016 till December 15th, 2016.

13: Curriculum Analysis

For CS students, it is easy to fill, but for non-CS students can fill it to the best of their knowledge. It is not mandatory to fulfill the credit score mentioned in the form, but it is always an advantage if you are able to.

Below is the link to my curriculum analysis report for reference.

Link: MS-TUM-Curriculum-analysis.pdf

Do attest and sign it accordingly. I did a mistake here.

14: Extra Curricular Activities or Certification detail if any

For this section, you can send anything you believe can help you or support any of your points mention in your SOP. Any Technical Certifications, Achievements, etc.

15: Courier

Do courier all the documents mentioned above well before the deadline.

The charges will be somewhere around 1700–2500/- INR. Use DHL, it is safe and fast.

Selection Process — Interview Part

The interview is not mandatory for all applicants. TUM divides all applicants into 3 groups based upon their profile strength. Find below the link to have a basic idea about how to calculate the profile strength of your application.

Please note that this is not the exact way how TUM calculate your profile strength, it is just a basic platform on top of which applicant can build their own profile.

The 3 groups I was talking about is like below.

Step 1: Profile Strength: >=70/100 è Direct Selection

>49/100 & <70 è Proceed to Step 2

<=49 è Rejection

Step 2: After the interview, they will re-evaluate your profile and may add extra points to your previous profile strength with the points earned in the interview and the total should exceed the golden mark of 70 to crack a place in the university.

Final profile Strength: >=70/120(+20: Interview points) è Selection

<70/120 è Rejection

Timeline: Got an Interview call from TUM on 17th January 2017 and it was scheduled for 18th January 2017. So I hardly had 1 day to prepare, but I did not prepare anything, to be frank.

Please find below the Medium post to know my experience and questions asked in the Interview. Upvote it if you like it. ;)

Timeline: Got a confirmation mail from TUM on 21st January 2017.

After Selection — Processes

1: Loan

I have applied for a partial loan (the loan which will cover my expenses partially and rest will be sponsored by my parents) in Credila, a sister branch of HDFC, dedicated to education loan. They generally take 12 working days to disburse the amount with an initial one-time processing fee. The processing fee for me was 12075/-. It may differ for you.

If you do not want to or cannot show any mortgage and your parents are retired from their respective job and currently living with the pension amount, then need to have health insurance which says if something will happen the said insurance amount will go to Credila to recover the due amount. This cost somewhere around 8000/- INR.

One point to consider here is, do not wait for disbursement of the loan amount, if you have the money required to start the block account process or if you can arrange it from somewhere. You can reimburse the amount used from the loan soon after disbursement.

This way, you can start both the process parallel and do not have to wait for loan approval. This is very important in case you have very little time to complete all VISA related processes.

2: Blocked Account

You have two options to open a block account, 1: Deutsche Bank, 2: Kotak Mahindra bank.

Deutsche Bank process is tedious and time taking. Kotak Mahindra hardly takes 10 working days to complete the process.

Documents needed:

· A check of the required amount*.

· Passport Copy front and back.

· Address** and ID Proof.

· One passport size photo

The bank guy will give you a printout document for stamping. You need to do stamping from the nearby notary office and submit it to the bank.

*As per Visa guidelines it is mandatory to have 8640 Euro in your block account. But the foreign exchange rate is volatile, so it is better to block bit more amount say

(8640*EURO-TO-INR-RATE) + 10000 or more

**If you stay outside and cannot able to provide a valid address proof (Rental Agreement is not a valid address proof), In that case, they will give you a declaration form, fill it with your current address detail and submit it.

Day or two later, a person will come to verify your address, so be ready for the same. :P

Timeline: I applied for a blocked account on 2nd February and got it by 14th February 2017.

3: Visa Process

You need to apply for a German National Visa for Study purpose.

In Bangalore Consulate, It takes 1 month and a week more or less to process your visa application after your VI (Visa Interview).

Documents needed for the same listed below:

· Visa Application form.

· 3 biometric passport photo (GK Vale photo studio is preferable to get a biometric passport photo), cost around 130/- INR for 8 photos.

· Covering Letter (You have to write your own Cover letter mentioning your name, passport detail, the purpose of Visa application, University and program name, Past educational details, past work experience details if any and Sponsorship details i.e who is bearing your expenses in Germany)

· Language Certificates i.e. IELTS in any case and TestDaf or any other German-language certificates recognized by Germany for German taught programs.

· Blocked Account Letter from Bank.

· Signed University Intimation Letter. For a signed copy you have to mail to the University and they will provide you that in a day or two through the mail.

· Other extra-curricular docs if any to diminish any chance of Visa rejection. This is not mandatory.

· Previous work experience documents if you have one.

· Loan affidavit if you have applied for a loan.

· Demand Draft of a certain amount mentioned on the website to process your Visa Application. Currently, it is 4400/- INR or 60 Euro.

Note: If you are applying for German Visa from a consulate that does not cover location from where your Passport has been issued then you cannot apply from that consulate until you are able to provide proof that you are staying there from last 2 years at least.

For example, My passport has been issued by PSK Bhubaneswar, which comes under Kolkata German Consulate, but I was applying in Bangalore Consulate. So in this case, I need to show proof for a minimum of 2 years to stay in Bangalore.

Documents they ask me are:

· 3 months’ salary slip of the current organization.

· Rental Agreement.

· Joining Letter of current organization and experience letter of a previous organization if any.

Check the German Consulate website for the latest requirements and other details.

Once you are done with Visa Interview, wait for at least one month to get the approval mail.

Schedule an Interview again for stamping.

Reserve a flight ticket which costs as low as 25,000/- to more than 1, 00,000/- INR.

Happy Journey.

Timeline: VI was scheduled on 23rd February. Now I am waiting for Visa Mail.

4: Enrolment

Enrolment process you can start in parallel with the Visa process.

You need to submit pending documents and pending semester fees.

Mostly in pending documents, Health Insurance is missed. You need to have German public Health Insurance for your enrolment.

Above is the link where you can apply for health insurance and you will get it in 2 days max.

Note that they (Coracle) does not charge any fees for this service.

Timeline: I applied here for HI right after getting my blocked account details i.e. 16th February 2017 and got it after 2 days i.e. on 18th February 2017.

You can upload the document in the TUM portal and you are done with the enrollment process. Cheers.




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