How do I prepare for the telephone interview for the informatics master’s program of TUM?

Photo by Saskia van Manen on Unsplash

I have attended a skype interview for MS in Informatik in TUM in 2017. They asked me below questions:

1: Why Germany, Why TUM, and especially why MS in Informatik whereas you completed your bachelor's from Electronics and Communication Engineering?

2: What modules you have covered in Mathematics in your bachelor?

3: Some questions on Operating System and Database.

Again this depends on who is taking your interview what I believe as my interviewer was from Operating System Background.

4: What specialization you are interested to opt for in your masters and why?

5: What do you know about those modules?

6: As I have experience working in the IT domain, he asked questions related to my work like, what you did in your project, and what all things you know?

7: Are you ok studying in Munich as it is a very expensive city to live and few such lite questions as well.

8: What is your vision, what is after the Masters?

9: What do you know about the weekly class structure of TUM and how comfortable you find yourself to fit yourself in that schedule or structure?

9: He asked me if I want to ask anything back from him? I believe this is also an important question to mention because it shows the interest level of the student in TUM.

I hope this will help people in the future who will get an interview call from Universities like TUM or so.

And I got selected. Cheers.

Note: I come in contact with many people who had their interviews and got selection into TUM and surprisingly did not met a single rejected person.

So guys, be confident; you can also crack it.




A New Decade to Conquer!!!

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A New Decade to Conquer!!!

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